memories remain

By: umi pepari

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Monday, 24-Sep-2007 03:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Monday, 24-Sep-2007 03:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Notty Comot!!

very behave for only 5 secs
back to "budak baik" mode
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She really cute and smart.. Cannot leave her alone..She can only stand for 5 mins playing herself. Later you will find her on the dining table make a cute face, an effort to steal my attention. Well, you managed cutie gal!!! So notty yet so adorable.. Luv u Comot!!!

Thursday, 6-Sep-2007 10:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Meeting with Dr Philip Kotler

Dr Philip Kotler
interframe haha
he refused to take personal pic
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I had a chance to go to Dr Philip Kotler seminar last month at Istana Hotel...Hmmm the world renowned marketing guru... Father of Marketing Sifu huhu!!! Great experience...but i was expecting more from the seemed he only mentioned bout the literal marketing basis... .. tapi tape la kan.. dapat salam dgn die pun ok la hehehehe mana tau pasni aku plak jadi marketing sifu? huhuuuuuuuu

Tuesday, 4-Sep-2007 10:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Beading Project with Comot II

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This project is for Fezah.. My officemate for her engagement day.. She wanted someting light not to heavy..and to add more blue color since she claimed her dress is pale... Quite challenging coz the material is lite shiffon (macam tisu) which is very fragile... So here u are..Hopefully she loves it... More challenging sbb have to play with the notty gal while doing the beading..

Tuesday, 28-Aug-2007 07:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Beading Project with Comot

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One of my hobbies: jahit manik kat baju.... Now i guess i can start slowly to make it as my small business, as a few of my frens interested with my works for this coming i think y not?

So anyone of u interested...can msg me...i will upload many samples later (kene cari mana pegi digi cam cable hehe)

Now susah sket sbb kene make sure budak kecik tu tak kaco....dia pelik tgk aku dok ngadap manik2 kecik tu lama2 kat dining table.... For sure die panjat nak kaco..lagi la dia tgk manik tu gerak...hehehe comot²,,,,, notty but i still luv u so much!!!

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